About College

“Nursing is Art and Science of Caring”

Kalptaru College of B. Sc Nursing has been started in 2008 and running under Shri Jagdish Prasad Charitable trust, Udaipur. The first batch of 40 B.Sc. Nursing students was admitted in Oct 2008.


The College of Nursing believes that nursing is an oldest of the art and the youngest of the profession, which is a caring discipline considered as pivotal health care profession. Values of the nursing profession are rooted in helping the people to promote the health, prevent the illness and caring the individual, family and community during sickness to attain, maintain and recover the optimal health and quality of life from womb to tomb. The success of patient care and the reputation of the hospital largely depend upon the extent of efficiency of nursing care being provided by the nursing personnel.


Kalptaru College of Nursing is dedicated and committed to train and groom nurses by offering premier quality teaching, instructions and guidance in clinical and research areas of modern nursing. Nursing services, education and research activities of the department are par excellence.


Modern Nursing is a Dynamic, therapeutic and Educative process in meeting the Health Needs of the Individuals, Families and the Community to achieve and maintain desirable standards of Health.


Nursing contributes to the health services in vital and significant way in the health care delivery system. It recognizes National Health Goals and is committed to participate in the implementation of National Health Policies and Programs. It aims at identifying Health needs of the people, planning and providing quality care in collaboration with other Health Professionals and Community groups.


Scope of Nursing Practice encompasses provision of promotive, preventive curative and rehabilitative aspects of care to people across their life span in wide variety of health care settings. Practice of Nursing is based upon application of basic concepts and principles derived from the physical biological behavioral sciences medicine and Nursing. Nursing is based on values of caring and aims to help individuals to attain independence in self care. It necessitates development of compassion and understanding of human behavior among its practioners to provide care with respect and dignity and protect the rights of individuals and groups.


Undergraduate Nursing Program is broad based education within an academic framework, specifically directed to the development of critical thinking skills, competencies and standards required for practice of Professional Nursing and Midwifery as envisaged in National Health Policy 2002.


The teachers have the responsibility to be role models and create learning environment that enables students to acquire inquiry driven, self directed learning and foster an attitude of life long learning.


Under Graduate Nursing Education Program prepares its graduates to become exemplary citizen by adhering to code of ethics and professional conduct at all times in fulfilling personal social and professional obligations so as to respond to national aspirations.


The nursing students of all programmes provide services to the indoor and outdoor patients in institute while learning. The nursing faculty and students serve the patients during the scheduled times in all the areas of hospital and community health center and thereby contribute towards patient care services. Education of the patient and relatives is considered as


Mission Statement

“We are committed to establish a centre of excellence in nursing education, training, and research imbued with scientific culture, compassion for the sick and commitment to serve the underserved.



To produce highly competent nurse clinicians, advanced nurse practitioners, nurse educationists, nurse administrators and nurse researchers to meet regional, national and global nursing human resource needs.



To ensure the cost-effective evidence based quality nursing care for individual, family and community through education and grooming the clinically competent, research oriented nurses.


» To prepare nurses for bedside and family care nursing, nursing supervision and nursing administration.
» To prepare nursing teachers/ faculty to teach and train the undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral Nursing level nursing students.
» To prepare nurse leaders in nursing through post- doctoral fellowship in academic administration in nursing.
» To prepare clinical nurse leaders in acute and critical care nursing through fellowship in critical care nursing.
» To prepare nursing personnel to conduct and disseminate research on nursing issues/ problems to ensure Evidence-Based Nursing Practices.
» To prepare nursing personnel to develop indigenous nursing literature for improving nursing services, education and administration.
» To offer the short-term programs, training and refreshers courses for the nurse clinicians, nurse administrators, nurse educators and nurse researchers.
» Providing holistic, evidence based comprehensive quality nursing care to individual and family through integration with nursing service activities.